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NOTE: Please contact Agemni support before doing this! This is a tool that should only be used when
  • There are known issues on one of our servers and
  • You have been in communication with Agemni's support team about this issue and
  • They have recommended logging into one server to avoid the issue while our engineers are working on the problem server
If too large a number of companies log in to the same server at the same times and use that server exclusively, it could bog down and access will be blocked!
Hopefully Agemni's support team will have give you an alternate URL to use to avoid the problem when performing a specific task (such as importing work orders, importing status updates, or qualifying for OE DISH), that will direct you onto one specific server--a server that does not have the known problem--but if you have lost it or need it again after-hours just follow the instructions below:
  1. Go to the login page for your agemni and look at the URL (for each company it is different). In this example below, I'm using our demo site, "CMS," but your url should look something like this - with a different company name than "cms" in the url:
  2. Now highlight just the "" portion of the URL and replace it with the following IP address (or a server IP that we have given you which we know is working). Please use it just for the task you are trying to accomplish which has the known problem, such as an import. Otherwise it will get bogged down if too many companies are using it. Here is an IP address you can use that currently has no known problems: So after you replace the "" with the IP address in the URL, it will look something like this (again, with your company name instead of "cms" in the url):
  3. Go to that new URL with the IP address.
  4. You will get a security certificate warning page, but you will want to continue to that site anyway (even though your browswer says it's not recommended).
  5. It will let you go to your login page and get into your database like normal, except you will be on just one server.
  6. Go ahead and perform the task as usual and it should work properly.
  7. Then log out of your database and use your regular link into Agemni for all other daily tasks.
You may not need to do this - There is only a small chance that you will hit the server that has this problem, but if you do, we hope these instructions will help if you can't access regular customer support.

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